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The contrast between roller guide and ball guide

1, the flexibility of the cruel creation climate is high: roller guide in the bearing body doesn’t straightforwardly contact, and the bearing has a decent fixing; Kubik’s V-guide innovation, so the V-roller through the “scratching” development, you can put residue, chips and different contaminations from the V-guide surface scratching, to keep the V-guide surface clean, subsequently truly reasonable for use in unforgiving conditions.
Interestingly, brutal work spaces where brushes or scrubbers experience issues in forestalling little impurities like residue and chips from entering the slider. The pollutions that enter within the slider will expand the ball power, hence accelerating the mileage of the ball, which not just influences the perfection and precision of the ball guide development, yet in addition enormously abbreviates the help life of the ball guide.

2, quicker straight speed: V-roller in the V-rail surface rolling, can arrive at an exceptionally high direct speed, up to 8m/s.

3, diminish the precision prerequisites of the establishment reference: V-directed roller guide framework in a V-roller, is comparable to a slider of the ball guide, V-roller and V-rail surface contact, simply identical to 1 steel ball and guide surface contact; this incredibly decreases the exactness necessities of the establishment reference surface, get together saves time and exertion.

4, upkeep and substitution costs are lower: V-directed roller guide framework, you can supplant the well used aide or roller alone, don’t have to supplant all; in the field, through the china TRACK ROLLER change of the flighty roller, can be effectively changed and get the required preload. Consequently, the support and substitution cost of the roller guide is lower.
5, longer help life: roller guide has significantly longer life than roller direction, much of the time, just need to supplant the rollers, and afterward by changing the unusual roller unpredictable distance to get the required preload. Also ball guide whether the ball or guide wear somewhat later, to guarantee that the application needs preload or freedom, are needed to change the entire set.
As a rule, the track is the longest-lived part of the entire straight movement framework; assuming the utilization of ball guide, change the slider should change the track; for roller guide in great working condition, it is feasible to change just the roller.

6, essential rack and pinion guide: straight aide, can be cut straightforwardly on the aide with straight teeth or sideways teeth; round guide, can be cut inside or outside the stuff ring; for this situation, there is no compelling reason to plan one more arrangement of stuff drive framework. For ball guides, it isn’t unexpected important to plan one more arrangement of stuff drive framework.

In the event that your application has these necessities, the Kubik roller guide with V-guide innovation is the best decision for you; it tends to be generally utilized in plant robotization, like bracket robots, to accomplish programmed stacking and dumping, programmed material taking care of and different capacities.

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