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Still worried about the decoration? -Tips for choosing flooring

Flooring, the surface layer of the floor or floor of a house. It is made of wood or other materials.

Refuse to add color flooring

Today a large number of coloring flooring flood the market, which is the reason why China’s flooring industry is not healthy, first of all, we spell price, no profit, and then work on the quality of the floor, many businesses take advantage of the late repair board, and in order to let you see is not after the repair board, only in the board coloring, do a good job in the groove and back also coloring, so you can not see that this is coloring board, and the color difference is small, the board is beautiful. But add color floor in the pavement after, a little after some time, because the board is repaired, will occur cracking, burst paint and other kinds of problems, and if you sanding repair, will also make add color off. So choose this kind of add color flooring, you can keep an eye on it.

Notch and thickness

These two points are also very critical, we all know that the standard thickness of the floor should be 18mm, but there are many 17.5mm floor on the market, but I am not saying that the difference of 0.5mm floor effect will be affected, the key is that 17.5mm floor is more than the thickness of the board or smooth bending board reformed, and most of the smooth bending board is not good drying or stress problems are not solved, such a floor is dangerous, its problems in The length of the groove is another way for manufacturers to cut corners, because the ground area is calculated by the width and length of the board, so the shorter the manufacturer’s groove, the wider its board will be, so that he invariably reduces the cost, and he did so, causing damage to consumers, the floor groove is short, it is easy to produce a loud sound, the floor will step on Send out a squeaking sound.

Paint difference

There are roughly 2 kinds of paint on the flooring market: pu paint and uv paint, when buying flooring must ask the type of paint, do not buy pu paint flooring, that is extremely environmentally unfriendly, its benzene and formaldehyde emissions are very high, the paint life is very short, in Europe and the United States has long been banned, as for uv paint and divided into two kinds, one is the ordinary glossy dripping uv paint, one is rolling uv paint (some factories advertised super wear-resistant paint) The dripping uv paint needs to be waxed often, the lacquer life is generally in 2 to 3 years (to occur in a larger effect of degradation to calculate) and roller coating is just another process of uv paint, generally matte effect, the surface is linen-like, and as for the super wear resistance of the paint is generally in the paint to add aluminum trioxide powder, this is an important point to distinguish between ordinary roller coating paint and super wear resistant paint, which should be allowed manufacturers in the sales sheet Note.

Flooring name

No matter what flooring you buy, must let the manufacturer in the invoice and sales sheet to write the scientific name of the floor, this point can also prevent being cheated, once the name is found to have problems, you can absolutely double the claim, such as teak (teak), we all know that teak is a very valuable wood, but manufacturers in order to make money, such as teak king (actually pick sub wood), Brazil teak (actually twin-leaved suzuki) and many other similar Name, in reality, they have nothing to do with teak, the degree of fame, stability is far from, only color, pattern is slightly similar.

Negative package brand

The product does not have a factory, registered a brand, get other manufacturers to process, packaging their own brand, which is very scary, he simply can not grasp the quality, problems, he will push to the manufacturer, so you can do nothing, of course, he will say that I am a large factory production, the key is that you can guarantee that he will not be processed in several factories at the same time? And in the small factory to do more with his will, the quality can be good or bad, the price can be high or low, looking for a manufacturing plant with lower production costs, is the pursuit of the package brand products forever, and his products once exposed, he just re-register a brand, another manufacturer or simply do not have to change the manufacturer, you can be listed again, which is a factory business can not do, to identify such flooring business approach is to first look at the packaging box with or without the factory address. Sign the contract, pay a deposit to his manufacturer’s phone number, and he said the floor I ordered from you, but I want to verify the manufacturer, if not true you have to give me a return (write clearly on the sales sheet). This point is mainly in the purchase of laminate flooring and multi-layer solid wood laminate flooring to be careful.

Be wary of after-sales gimmicks

Flooring in the procurement process is completed, is the manufacturer delivery, door-to-door installation stage, this stage should also be careful, many unscrupulous businessmen is the use of this link to fool consumers, first, he will send the floor to the House, let you confirm the number of packages to check the number, and then move upstairs to start installation, the trick here, some merchants of the floor will have a few boxes filled with shredded wood, generally you will only see the appearance, and will not all open the package Look, his workers will be when you do not pay attention to the shredded wood thrown away, so a few packets of flooring money earned, and the floor is not enough, they will let you go back to buy, which is still complicated, some workers directly in your home when no one, steal two or three packets of flooring run away, so the installation of flooring must be supervised.

But the important thing is that you get what you pay for, do not be greedy for cheap, as long as the economy allows, for themselves, of course, choose a good one.

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