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Factors affecting the selection of the filter:

temperature and viscosity of the material in the filtering state, physical and chemical properties, processing capacity per unit time, moisture content of the filter cake, solid content in the filtrate, degree of washing of the filter cake, etc.

  1、Mechanical slag discharge; 2、Stainless steel filter plate; 3、Small footprint; 4、Good airtightness, energy saving and environmental protection.

  1, slag content of 5%; if between 10%-20% it is recommended to use a larger model generally in GLJ-40 — 80 type.

  3, the working environment: one is the temperature, generally at about 80-150 ℃ is most suitable (mainly depends on the liquid flow). The second is the corrosion, acid and alkali corrosion requires high material some filter plate using 316L stainless steel solvent oil corrosion on its seal material requirements to be higher, generally using polytetrafluoro.

  Bag filter is generally vibration slag filter plate and frame filter auxiliary equipment to further ensure that its filtration precision standards. Also for low viscosity, the solid content does not exceed 0.01‰. Commonly also called protection filters.

  The auxiliary accessories of the vibratory slag filter are gear pumps, air pumps pneumatic butterfly valves, etc. The type of gear pump directly affects the flow rate of the filter, the pressure of the air pump controls the dryness and thickness of the filter cake as well as the lightness of the slag discharge. The pneumatic butterfly valve is mainly a pneumatic switch, sealing and unloading function.

  Two vibrating slag filter units can be connected in parallel to achieve continuous operation, and a PLC control system can also be set up, which is relevant to the selection of the filter unit.

  1, general electroplating solution filtration, because the electroplating solution contains trace organic matter, easy to pollute the liquid, customary must use powdered activated carbon powder will be organic matter within the potion to absorb, to maintain the cleanliness of the potion.

  (2) Generally, when the operator cleans the filter, he does not completely clean the impurities in the cartridge, and a small amount of impurities may be left behind, which will easily flow into the bath when the filter is started.

  (3) Close the outlet valve and then start the power switch to start the motor running, so that the gas and liquid will be discharged into the dosing tank.

  (4) Open the circulation valve, then open the dosing valve, make the liquid in the dosing tank to produce a fixed water level and then add the filtering aid powder, cycle for 3 minutes and then add the activated carbon powder and cycle again for 3 minutes, at this time the liquid discharged is also free of activated carbon powder discharge.

  (6) Open the outlet where and then, close the circulation valve, and then close the exhaust valve, and then see how little liquid is left in the dosing tank and then close the dosing valve, complete the dosing over the degree so that the filter machine normal filtration.

  (1) Before use, check whether the inlet and outlet pipes have been installed, and fix the inlet and outlet pipes in the tank, so that the inlet and outlet are not easy to swing.

  (2) Open the exhaust valve and then open the dosing valve,industrial filter press manufacturers put the water from the dosing valve into the pump and the inlet pipe through the dosing tank and make the inlet pipe completely filled with liquid, or open the top cover of the filter and take off the top cover, inject the water from the filter cartridge and make the inlet pipe completely filled with liquid.

  (4) Lock the dosing valve before starting the motor and then open the exhaust valve so that the gas is discharged into the dosing tank through the duct.

  5)After the above operation has been verified, start the pump motor and start running, pay attention to the correct direction of pump operation.

  (6) Flow the liquid in the dosing tank into the pump through the dosing valve, and then lock the dosing valve after a little liquid is left in the tank to avoid gas inhalation at the pump inlet.

  (7) Before using the filter, check whether the pressure gauge diaphragm is filled with water, please fill it with water and then lock the pressure gauge to maintain the correctness of the gauge.

  (8) Before starting the power supply, check whether the inlet and outlet pipelines are correctly selected: for example, whether the inlet and outlet are open, whether the pipeline circulation route is correct, whether the liquid in the liquid tank is normal, and whether there is any damage to the pipeline.

  (10) Check various protection switches. Such as: whether the pipeline and liquid level in the tank are normal, and whether the power protection switch are in normal operating position.

  Filters are generally used in metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum, paper making, medicine, food, mining, electricity, urban water supply and other fields, and play a huge role, but few people know that in fact, filters can also be used in agriculture, let us take a look at it.

  In view of the current water shortage and the spread of sewage, human beings need to use effective measures to reduce the discharge of sewage and achieve water purification and conservation, in addition to increasing the awareness of water protection. In this piece of filter application in industry has been a significant effect, then in agriculture, but also to promote the recycling of recycled water, but also to accelerate the economic development of rural areas.

  China is a large agricultural country, agriculture is China’s major water users, but in some drought areas, the development of agriculture due to the lack of water has been seriously affected, according to statistics, the country’s arable land drought area of about 200,000 square kilometres, crop drought area of about 102,500 square meters, etc., these extensive drought conditions have become a serious problem plaguing the country’s livelihood, while the waste of water resources in enterprises and towns is still The waste of water resources in enterprises and towns is still relatively serious.

  Faced with the problem of strained water resources, the filter can concentrate on the treatment of factory wastewater or domestic sewage, intercepting impurities through the filter and purifying water resources. The filter adopts the advanced science and technology of China, and the filter mesh is a stainless steel sintered mesh, which is a new type of filtering material formed by stacking five layers of stainless steel wire mesh in order and sintering them under vacuum. These five layers are the protective layer, the filter control layer, the dispersion layer, the support skeleton layer and the skeleton layer.

  The filter not only reduces the pollution of water resources, but also promotes the recycling of water resources. It improves the quality of agricultural production and life, especially the filter’s sophisticated filtration device, which allows the filter to play an important role in the purification of water resources and the recycling of recycled water.

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